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Buying FIFA 17 Coins

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Not looking to buy FIFA Coins? Then continue to read below to find out how to save and earn them…

Earning & Saving FIFA 17 Coins

Being efficient with your FIFA coins is a great way to acquire a team capable of competing in FUT and the FUT Champions Weekend. Both of which are necessary to help you make your Ultimate Team quickly, without breaking the bank!

Below you will find tips, tricks and advice to help you maximise your FIFA coins and limit your spend whilst still being able to create a great team for FUT 17.

Player & Item Prices
There are many reasons why players and other item prices fluctuate.

During the week, prices of items can be different to the prices at the weekend. They may fluctuate due to high demand as the FUT Champions Weekend is running.

Sometimes a particular nation of players will suddenly have an increased price tag, these type of price spikes are often due to Upgrade Packs in the Squad Building Challenges (SBC), and the price will drop back to normal after a few days.

Keep your eye out for cheap deals and raised prices, and try to learn the price patterns of a week.

Flipping Players
First you will need to find a popular player with some decent skills who is wanted by many, players from the Premier League (ENG1) are very popular.

Next, determine the most common “Buy Now” selling price. If that selling price is around 50,000 FIFA coins, try bidding a couple of thousand below, then sell it for the common price after you’ve bought it.

As players perform well throughout the season, new player cards are released into the game with higher stats, these are commonly known as In-form Cards. When these cards hit the market and can be unlocked in packs, the price of the normal card will drop, and the In-form cards price will rise. After a short period of time the prices will begin to settle again.

Cornering the Market
Note: You need millions of FIFA Coins to do this effectively.

Find a great quality player that many people use in their team, from a popular league, again the Premier League is a regular choice. Once you’ve selected a player ensure you are able to buy every card that is listed, allowing cornering the market.

Now sell the cards for a higher price than you bough them for.
(Get creative in you search for players to flip and don’t be afraid to look into Silver cards and other leagues).

Earn Packs, Don’t Buy Them
You should refrain from buying FIFA Packs to gain high quality players, and definitely don’t buy packs with your coins! The top rated players are extremely rare, it can take many many packs before you find anything half decent and you will often lose money.

(91 Rated Hazard TOTW InForm from SBCs – EPL Premium Gold Pack)

You can earn some basic packs by playing a few of the other game modes within FIFA 17. You can also earn a lot of FUT rewards by qualifying and taking part in the FUT Champions Weekends.

To qualify, you must win 4 games in a row: Round-16 > Quarter-Final > Semi-Final > Final

Then in the Final, you must play 40 games over the weekend period to rank in the Championship. Once completed, you will receive rewards, which can often include FIFA packs, and awesome ones. (Depending how many games you won out of the 40).

Squad Building Challenges
After you’ve opened a variety of different of packs, you’ll end up with a lot of player cards that you cannot trade. Take advantage of these within your team if possible, if not, head over to the Squad Building Challenges (SBC’s).

Here you can trade in cards that you do not need and cannot sell. Use these cards to complete requirements and you will unlock more packs that contain players and items for FUT 17.