EA Tax Calculator

Use the EA Tax Calculator (FUT Calculator) below to see how much profit you will make when selling a player on FIFA 17 Ultimate Team.

When selling a player you will lose 5% of the total sale due to an EA Tax, the calculator displays this also.

This free and simple resource is to help FIFA players everywhere quickly track their profits and taxes whilst selling players on FIFA 17 FUT.

Simply enter the price you wish to sell a player at to see the FIFA Tax and Sale Profit.

When trying to build your Ultimate Team, you should spend your coins wisely and track what profit you’ll make selling your players. Whilst 5% may not seem like much, over time, and especially after buying a few expensive players, it soon all adds up.

Therefore you should try and sell each of your players at a competitive price and be patient, rather than quick selling.

Simply compare the market and see what other people are selling the players at, check the “Buy Now” prices. If people are bidding on them then list your player for that price, if not, lower the price slightly.